Tom Arthurs and Isambard Khroustaliov

Augmented Nature: Zürichsee / Ufenau Edition (Binaural Headphone Mix)

Please click the link below to go to Bandcamp directly! A headphones-only recording of a unique concert-installation in the monastery chapel on the island of Ufenau in July 2022. Tom and Sam gathered sounds from the island and its surroundings during a short residency, and lovingly assembled these materials into the performance now presented here. We hope you enjoy!

8 EUR/CHF/GBP or more

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Tom Arthurs and Björn Meyer


While electric bass and trumpet might not appear the most obvious combination, Björn Meyer and Tom Arthurs fuse the seemingly impossible into a beautiful and fleeting improvised duo – drawing from folk musics, baroque music, improvised music and jazz to defy genres and create a music as unique as they are, and as the moment in which it is created.

The two studio-mates and atelier-neighbours in Bern’s cultural centre PROGR combine years of experience in sound, with musicians as diverse as Anouar Brahem, Nik Bärtsch, Ingrid Laubrock and Julia Hülsmann, to create deeply instinctive folk songs, tender ballads and soaring improvisations.

Created spontaneously in the moment with the deepest of respect, the loftiest disregard, and always with a smile, this recording represents a high point of their regular meetings, now released to the public for the first time.

Digital release only.

8 EUR/CHF/GBP or more

Tom Arthurs

Augmented Nature Bern Corona Edition

A one take improvisation during the May 2020 Corona lockdown in Bern, using binaural field recordings from my balcony.

For headphone listening only, downloadable as one 96k 24bit .wav file.

A gift for changing times.

Download it here for free, but if you do feel like making a donation (all profits will go to good causes), do click here.

Tom Arthurs / Isambard Khroustaliov / Julian Sartorius

Hangkerum (Clean Feed, CD, 2019)

The press release reads: "The best music is always the one created by singular musicians, as we learned from the history of jazz. Tom Arthurs, Isambard Khroustaliov (the alias of Sam Britton) and Julian Sartorius are three of them in present times, and from them we can only expect… the unexpected. Arthurs has a duo with Khroustaliov for some years now, Vaucanson’s Muse, and his collaborations with Sartorius aren’t new either, but what we heard by them didn’t prepare us for this trio. Everything in “Hangkerum” happens in the domains of subtlety, nuance and detail, and sometimes it’s difficult to understand who does what in the mix of timbres and textures or where compositon stops and improvisation starts. All the materials are melted, even considering the foreign origins of all the musical references. The muted trumpet sound is somewhat familiar to the Miles Davis one, but Arthurs couldn’t be more distant from the Dark Prince. His lines and flights make us remember John Taylor and Jimmy Giuffre, but also the Berlin’s Echtzeitmusik scene, composers like Ligeti, Ferrari and Feldman, the pygmies of Central Africa, Brazilian popular music and David Sylvian. Khroustaliov’s electronics may suggest the clynical research work done at IRCAM and STEIM, but it also reflects his collaborations with Aphex Twin and Matthew Herbert. A master of rhythmic patterns, Sartorius give us the very little, through repeated locked grooves, but also an unique perspective of amplification of the unheard, specially when manipulating non-musical objects. The result of the combination of these three inquisitive minds is astonishing."

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Miles Perkin Quartet

The Point in Question (Clean Feed, CD/Vinyl, 2019)

Canadian bassist Miles' crystalline forward-looking lyricism, with Tom, French pianist extraordinaire Benoît Delbecq and international drum maestro Jim Black.

Available from Miles' Bandcamp, also digitally:

Tom Arthurs Solo

Augmented Nature (Confront Recordings, CDr, 2018)

A long-awaited solo: Augmented Nature combines 96k/24-bit binaural field recordings from Lisbon and Alentejo with Tom Arthurs´ sensuous and explorative piccolo trumpet playing - creating a uniquely moving, touching and lasting sonic meditation. Recorded in Berlin on New Years Day 2018, and mixed by Tom Arthurs and Guy Sternberg at Lowswing studios, Berlin.

Please listen through headphones only for the full binaural effect. Very limited edition CDr.

€12 inc. shipping


Cahier De Petits Coquillages Vol. IV/V (Setola di Maiale, 2018)

Tom Arthurs (trumpet) and Alberto Novello (electronics), intense textures, thin sounds of creativity! Recorded at Art OMI, Ghent, NY (USA) on a quiet and warm night of August 2017.

Available directly from Setola di Maiale or Bandcamp:

Tom Arthurs Trio

One Year (Ozella Music, LP, 2018)

180g vinyl limited edition of One Year, Tom's sublime trio album with Richard Fairhurst and Markku Ounaskari. With download code for digital. Stunning artwork from Britt Hatzius, Fotini Potamia and Nina Sangenstedt.

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Tom Arthurs Trio

One Year (Ozella Music, CD, 2018)

Artist-direct - Tom's deep and stunningly beautiful music for trio, with long-time friend and collaborator Richard Fairhurst (piano) and Finnish percussionist supreme Markku Ounaskari. Deluxe Digipack with artwork by Britt Hatzius, Fotini Potamia and Nina Sangenstedt.

€16 inc. shipping


Vela (Jazz Werkstatt, 2018)

Tom Arthurs (trumpet), Markus Pesonen (guitar), Miles Perkin (bass) & Janne Tuomi (drums). A Finnish-Canadian-Brisith improvised meeting in Berlin - recorded live in 2017 in just the right moment...

Available from iTunes and CD coming soon:

Julie Sassoon Quartet

Fourtune (Jazzwerkstatt, CD, 2017)

Tom features as a special guest on two numbers with Julie Sassoon's Quartet, featuring Lothar Ohlmeier (reeds), Meinrad Kneer (bass) and Rudi Fischerlehner (drums).

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Tom Arthurs and Simon Vincent

Real-time Sound Sculpture Vol. 1 (Vision of Sound, CD, 2016)

Friends and collaborators since 1999, and focusing on extreme detail and attention to the dynamics of sound, Tom Arthurs and Simon Vincent present this album of stunning real-time sound sculptures, recorded in the Paul Gerhardt Church in Schöneberg Berlin.

€12 inc. shipping

Tom Arthurs and Isambard Khroustaliov

Vaucanson’s Muse (Not Applicable, LP, 2016)

Limited Edition LP of improvised electroacoustic music by Tom and electronic musician Isambard Khroustaliov (aka Sam Britton). Includes a wonderful essay by musician and writer David Toop (Into the Maelstrom, The Wire) as well as specially commissioned artwork by esteemed architect Will Alsop. " … perfect for those craving arcane, curios and totally free music." Electronic Sound, November 2016.

€29.50 inc. shipping

Marc Schmolling

Ticho (Unit, CD, 2015)

Fine and beautiful chamber music by Marc Schmolling (piano) interspersed with improvisations. With Almut Kühne (voice). If Thelonius Monk had met Morton Feldman at an Azimuth concert.

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Julia Hülsmann Quartet w/ Theo Bleckmann

A Clear Midnight (ECM, CD, 2015)

The second cd of German pianist Julia Hülsmann's Quartet adds NY-based vocal virtuoso Theo Bleckmann - reimagining lesser known works by Kurt Weill along with three Hülsmann settings of Walt Whitman. With Marc Muellbauer (bass) and Heinrich Köbberling (drums).

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